What John Stands For

John Supports

Better funding for our Texas public schools, building on the progress of the 2019 legislative session

Continuing to rein in local property taxes through expanded homestead exemptions and by properly funding public education at the state level

Traditional principles of local control for cities and counties

Accepting the billions of our own federal tax dollars that are available under the Affordable Care Act to expand health coverage in Texas

Improving Texas’s mental health and foster care systems

Greater support for drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation

Investing in good roads and transportation infrastructure 

Better state support for higher education, to maintain world-class colleges and universities and to help keep tuition costs down

Better protections for clean air and water and for Texas’s parks and natural spaces

Fiscal responsibility and living within our means at all levels of government

Our police officers, firefighters, and other first responders

Our military and our veterans

Public health policies that align with the best research from our medical community

Working together across the political aisle to find solutions to complex problems

Protecting the integrity of our electoral system

High ethical standards at every level of government

The Constitution, the rule of law, and judicial independence

John Opposes


The increasing lack of civility and decency in politics at all levels


The Legislature artificially limiting the City of Dallas’s ability to set its own budget priorities for police, fire, streets, libraries, parks, and other city services


Using taxpayer dollars to fund private school vouchers


Efforts to deport DACA recipients


Divisive and unnecessary bills, such as the “bathroom bill”, which pit Texans against one another


Loopholes in our screening system that still allow convicted felons and domestic abusers to obtain guns without background checks


Efforts to eliminate our licensing and permitting system for carrying handguns


Political gerrymandering 


Discrimination in any form, based on race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or identity, or disability


Extremist politics that divide our nation and our state

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