A Growing Economy

Texas has long been known as a business-friendly state. We need to keep it that way.

Texans appreciate the importance of sensible regulatory and tax policies that allow businesses to grow; that encourage entrepreneurship, industry, and innovation; and that ensure that we foster a thriving middle class. That’s one reason John advocates for property tax relief through expanding homestead exemptions, and why he opposed the effort to increase sales taxes during the 2019 legislative term.

To keep our Texas economy strong, we must also invest in our future.

Sound tax and regulatory policy are important keys to a healthy economy, but they’re not the only ones. Long-term prosperity also means maintaining strong public schools, world-class universities, safe cities, a reliable water supply, and good transportation networks.  It means insisting on high-quality medical care and clean air and water.  It means supporting workplaces that are free of discrimination and harassment. It means promoting a generous and neighborly spirit that will attract growth and business. The Legislature plays an important role in all of these areas.

When we grow our economy and do it the right way, we improve both our public services and the quality of life for ourselves and our families. And we expand the opportunities for all citizens who want to work hard and build successful careers and fulfilling lives.

As your representative, John Turner will work for policies that promote economic growth and encourage success for all Texans.

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